Saying What you Mean

A neighbor of mine, Michael Frank, is a Mark Twain scholar at the University of California at Berkeley. He is a part of a project producing volumes of his writings we’ve never read before. What follows are some of those excerpts told in Mark Twains signature ascerbic style:


“The multimillionaire disciples of Jay Gould — that man who in his brief life rotted the commercial morals of this nation and left them stinking when he died — have quite completely transformed our people from a nation with pretty high and respectable ideals to just the opposite of that; that our people have no ideals now that are worthy of consideration; that our Christianity which we have always been so proud of — not to say vain of — is now nothing but a shell, a sham, a hypocrisy; that we have lost our ancient sympathy with oppressed peoples struggling for life and liberty; that when we are not coldly indifferent to such things we sneer at them, and that the sneer is about the only expression the newspapers and the nation deal in with regard to such things.”

Telling the Truth and Healing

I believe in the power of our stories. Joy DeGruy,PhD says it well about healing injuries.

“Healing must begin on multiple levels because the injury occurred on multiple levels. We begin by simply telling the truth”…

Start by Asking a Question, Listen to the Answer…

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The Call of Story

I like this group. It also has interesting options for people who want to tell their stories.

The Call of Story is an ambitious television special presenting a collaboration between nationally known oral storytellers and cutting edge filmmakers. Storytelling is said to take place in the minds of the listeners. How then can this be translated into a visually-based medium? And further, in what ways do storytellers visualize the tales they weave?

Services I Use – Genealogy Bank

Today’s genealogist has many tools that have evolved into robust computer driven services over the past 15 years.

For family narratives, is an online resource of public documents and news items. It is updated daily and allows me to research US based documents to get additional information about individuals who are being researched and to support and deepen family lore.

Association of Personal Historians

I belong to this professional organization because I agree with their philosophy and approach to the family story. While most of the members are biographical writers, I have found my passion in the short genealogical sketch which attaches photos and short vignettes. I post them for the family members in a password protected environment.

The Association of Personal Historians meets annually as a group, and also quarterly as a regional group to provide support and encouragement for its members.

I attended the 2009 conference in Philadelphia and plan to attend the 2010 conference in Victoria, BC.